Vineet Sarees

Here are a few vital tips to preserve and maintain your most beautiful and exclusive sarees.

The best way to preserve...........

Answers to FAQ that crop up.

Does one wash or dry clean the saree?

Does one hang them up or pile them in drawers?

Or keep them wrapped in white mul mul?


In textiles the term 'Kora' means unbleached and the word organza is derived from organzine' meaning unboiled silk. Generally organaza's are blended with cotton & organzine and Kora's have only organzine.

Ideally they should be rolled around tall wooden sticks wrapped in mul mul and storing them flat beneath a stack of heavy sarees, From time to time refold them to avoid tears appearing along the creases. Never hang your koras & Organzas in hangers fro a long time.

It is always advisable to keep a Kora saree, wrapped in mul mul, in an individual box. Also give your Koras and organzas to a good drycleaner only.


Should be treated like an organza. It is always advisable to get your expensive tissues washed from Banarsi karigars. A normal drycleaning can put crinkles in your tissues, whereas they wash them on long tables, tissues will not get crinkles, You can always ask the saree shop concerned to get your tissues washed.


Need more care than most other sarees. Whether or not to
roller dry (charak) Chiffons/georgattes depends on the individuals taste. A hard roller-ironing removes the natural crinkle in expensive

diamond chiffons. But often ordinary chiffons have no crinkles, so roller-ironing is a must to provide an artificial crinkle.
It is always advisable not to put saree-pins with your sarees- especially chiffons.

Chiffons shouldn't be wore tightly as the cloth is very delicate. chiffons and Georgettes with heavy embroidery or borders shouldn't be' hanged. With span of time the weight of the zari itself could tear the saree.


Can be washed at home or at a laundry depending on how much you have paid for them, how often you wear them and how passionately you feel attached to them, it is always advisable to get your fancy cottons or cottons with zari drycleaned. Colours like turquoise blue, shocking pink and black almost and always bleed and require special precautions when washed at home. starch often kills a cotton saree's longevity but then the beauty of a cotton saree lies in its crisp look.


Keep your expensive sarees covered with white mul mul in the darkest part of cupboard to prevent discoloration. Some colours like moves and turquoise tend to fade by more exposure. while ironing your expensive sarees at home, do not put water, Water may cause discolorations, specially in short colours as it has two colours. (In a short colour saree warp has a different colour and weft has a different colour. Direct water may cause discoloration as warp colour me on weft colour.) Avoid buy- sarees with lurex as they may cause rashes on the body