Hallmark  Inception

Vineet Sarees is an extravagant brand which was established in 1983. They are cautiously and strategically located in Lajpat Nagar i.e. the heart of New Delhi. Ever since their inception, the brand’s name has taken over the Indian fashion industry and has hence, become a hallmark in the same.

Vineet Sarees deals in purely natural fabrics and is primarily recognised for its exquisite printed, designer and traditional sarees.

Vineet Sarees excel in ethnic fashion with a unique collection of printed sarees which are exclusively made in Crepe-de-Chines, Georgettes, Chiffons, Silks, and Cottons-thereby catering to a wide range of needs and greed.

That Shines

Vineet Sarees has a grand legacy which is over 38 years old and this carries with itself, awe-inspiring designs and styles that dare to stand proud and symbolise grace and dignity. On top of that, most of their printed sarees are made from vegetable dyes i.e., apart from being very trendy, they give off a natural feel by being absolutely eco-friendly.

The elaborate collection also includes sarees ranging from Banarasi Jamawar and Jamadanis all the way to Chanderis, Patolas, Kanchipuram, and many more. Vineet Sarees also deals in a wide variety of traditional sarees which are beautiful and matchless in-texture, design, colour-combinations and over all getup.

Quality  That Matters

The exquisite sarees by Vineet Sarees are finished with accuracy to ensure that there is no compromise on the quality. On top of that, the sarees that make up their special collection are especially handpicked from major weaving centres all across the country.

A quality conscious approach towards their products along with a helpful and professional approach towards their customers is what makes their presence and legacy so strong.

The fabulous brand has been successfully catering to a wide spectrum of customers for over three decades and has constantly preserved their quality which is what gives their legacy a boost.

A Dream

Vineet Sarees have long carried and catered to a dream i.e. making things that are excellent, different, unique and exceeding all expectations while constantly keeping up to date with the latest trends and styles to provide the customers with a great buy at the best prices.

They believe in providing the customer with honest and unbiased advice along with unrivalled quality and service which guarantees exceptional customer service and a great experience.

Once you walk into Vineet Sarees store, you are bound to leave with some great clothes and splendid memories that are bound to make you fall in love!